Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why is the world mathematical

Mu: I got! I got it!

Tal: Got what?

Mu: Why math and logic work.

Tal: What do you mean?

Mu: For quite sometime, I have been wandering why 2 + 5 = 7. Likewise, I wonder about why the laws of logics are reflected in the world. Today finally I understood why that I was wrong. It is the other way around. Math and Logic reflect the world.

Tal: Explain yourself.

Mu: I give you a simple example without going into complex details of explaining the concept of number, counting, and other trivialities that the philosophers love. Let supposed we say that 2 + 5 = 12. Then we go and check with 2 apples and 5 oranges. We count them. We find that truly it is not 12 but 7 the correct answer. Wouldn’t you say that we have reasons to reject 12 and accept 7 as the answer? You would say that 7 works and reject the 12 because it does not work.

Tal: Meaning?

Mu: Math works because otherwise would be rejected as useless. Math works because of pragmatic reasons. Likewise for logic. If the identity law were false, then we would not be able to understand each other. If you think that you are Napoleon, we probably take you to the mad house. Math and Logic work because they reflect the world. Otherwise, we have Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.
My point is that the world is not mathematical but that math is worldy

Tal: Are you saying that the truth is what works? Are you a pragmatist?

Mu: Truth? What is that? That is another story.